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Discover how to choose the right bucket based on the application and improve efficiency using quick couplers.

Excavators are extremely versatile machines. Choosing the right bucket and using quick couplers correctly ensure high productivity, increased fuel savings, and reduced wear.

Buckets installed on excavators, backhoe loaders, and cranes can be used in many sectors, such as public works, waste disposal, agriculture and, of course, construction works. However, there’s no bucket that can be used for all these sectors. Therefore, you need to make a choice.

HSG has bucket for every application

Buckets can be divided into two macro-categoriesdigging buckets and levelling buckets, which can be of different types, depending on the operation to carry out and texture of the soil.


HYOSUNG’s Digging buckets

Digging buckets can be divided into the following types:

  • Standard Buckets
    Generally used for digging and moving medium soil.
  • Heavy-duty Buckets
    Which are reinforced in their points most subject to wear and are used for loading materials in the presence of moderately abrasive soils.
  • Rock Buckets
    Used in the presence of extremely compact, abrasive and rocky soil. Usually, they are fully made of wear-resistant materials.
  • Skeleton Buckets
    Used for selecting and sorting materials. The inner width of the skeleton depends on the size of the material to be selected.
  • Trapezoidal Buckets
    Ideal for constructing and maintaining ditches and drains. Medium soil.

    HYOSUNG’s Levelling buckets


    These buckets are divided into two categories:

    • Ditch-cleaning Buckets
      used for cleaning and maintaining ditches and slopes, levelling and finishing roads and squares. Medium soil.
    • Tilting Buckets
      used for reclaiming, cleaning and levelling slopes. It allows a 45-degree inclination on each side. Medium soil



The HYOSUNG dedicated mechanical quick coupler

The HSG dedicated mechanical quick coupler is a simple and compact attachment made of anti-wear and mechanically resistant steel. It progressively recovers the clearance between the plate and the lower part of the attachment caused by wear, without reducing the digging force.

This type of quick coupler ensures quick and safe bucket installation. This system works with a shaped plate (or to be shaped) mounted on the bucket, which features a superstructure with a suitable coupling system for each excavator.


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